UAS operations at night require a special skill set as well as specific aircraft modifications. This training course covers flight basics at night, necessary waivers and exemptions for night flight, and how to setup and execute a night operation. Attendees will receive the material needed to submit for their own FAA-issued night operations waiver with guidance on tailoring to their specific operations.

The course includes use of a DJI Inspire 2 aircraft with X5S sensor. This aircraft and sensor is ideal for doing photography at night. Attendees will receive individual instruction on flying maneuvers, practicing unusual orientations to train for potential emergency situations at night, and work with the camera to understand the operational environment when flying around structures. An overview of camera settings for night operation considerations is also included.

Attendees have the option to upgrade to a DJI Matrice 210 with FLIR sensor for an additional fee. This option is good for individuals looking to utilize thermal cameras during night operations. Specific operations that benefit from thermal cameras could include search and rescue operations, inspection work, ranchers and farmers looking for livestock. In addition to the flight instruction indicated with the Inspire 2, additional instruction on search patterns, auto flight, and a thorough explanation of thermal cameras is included.

Attendees will receive ground school and hands on flight instruction during the course. For specific topics covered, view the UAS Night Operations Training Schedule.

Attendees must have an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate or be enrolled in the sUAS Commercial Pilot Training.


The well-being and safety of our campus and the community is our top priority. Kansas State University is taking measures to create social distance to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The following courses have COVID-19 restrictions in place. Full details about these requirements will be emailed to course registrants. Please contact with inquiries.

Dates available:

  • January 28, 2021 at 4:00 pm
  • March 25, 2021 at 5:30 pm
  • June 10, 2021 at 8:00 pm

Location: Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus in Salina, Kansas

Time: Start times vary based on sunset in central time zone, view the UAS Night Operations Training Schedule for course details

Cost: $675  – discount available if attending the sUAS Commercial Pilot Training

Course fee includes course instruction, use of Inspire 2 aircraft and X5S sensor, travel to flight training location, and necessary materials and supplies. M210 aircraft with FLIR sensor rental is at an additional fee of $175. Meals, travel, and lodging are not included in the registration fee and are the responsibility of the attendee. Visit our travel page for suggestions on traveling to and staying in Salina.

Registration deadline: One week prior to course start date


Please contact Professional Education and Outreach at or call our toll free number at 855-552-0079.