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The Introduction to Commercial Drone LiDAR course is presented by MODUS. MODUS is an industrial robotics and data innovation company focusing on integrating drone technology.


Dan Hubert

Mr. Hubert is Co-Founder and CEO of MODUS. He served for 15 years as a naval pilot and top gun tactic and flight instructor. Mr. Hubert holds titles of Commander of Special Forces combat drone units, tactical remote sensing and imagery intelligence analyst, and General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper Drone Program Manager. He is an aviation safety specialist with expertise in drone process integration and flight and automation.


Ray Jackson

Mr. Jackson is a Master Instructor at MODUS. He served for 22 years as a US Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer. His instruction experience is vast ranging from the US DOD as a Senior Geospatial-Intelligence instructor, to CalState San Bernardino as a GIS instructor, to ESRI as a Geospatial and Software Instructor. Mr. Jackson brings has data and imagery expertise in geospatial, LiDAR, SAR, imagery, thermal, and spectral areas.